A new deck or patio can transform your backyard. A well-made patio will provide the foundation for years of outdoor entertaining and relaxation. For that reason, careful planning is needed during the design and construction stages—or problematic issues could occur months or years after installation. Here are some tips that will help you avoid some of the most common hazards when it comes to adding a patios or decks.

#1 Tip: A Good Plan.

Choosing Design by Lee for your patio or deck project is the first step as is coming up with a good plan. We can survey your property and develop a plan for an appropriate size of your patio and deck, based on careful measurements and knowledge about what dimensions will work best for your outdoor space.

#2 Tip: Look Ahead to avoid the Unknown.

A landscaping project such as a patio or deck will require some digging. Design by Lee will obtain the necessary permits for excavation work in your area. We will also locate any underground lines or cables to avoid the risk of having to cut any important utilities.

#3 Tip: Sunken pavers is an avoidable hazard. Such pavers result in an uneven, unattractive patio that is difficult to navigate. They can also be an indicator of bigger structural problems. Improper drainage and a poorly constructed base layer are usually the cause of sinking and shifting patio stones. If the base layer is not well-made, it can affect the integrity of the entire patio.

A solid patio base requires excavating to the right depth and building a good fill layer. Sinking pavers can also result from improper compaction of the base material.

#4. Tip: Standing Water.

Pools of water on your patio can be problematic for a number of reasons. Standing water can erode the filler between patio stones or cause wood to rot. Pools of water can also render some areas of your patio unusable after a heavy rain.

Pooling water on a patio is often the result of improper grading or poor drainage. A patio could be slightly sloped so that water will run off the surface and away from nearby structures. Using a permeable paver system can help improve drainage and prevent severe runoff. Redirecting downspouts away from the patio area will also help avoid pooling water problems.

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